Laser cutting of sheet metal

On two 4.4 KW CNC laser sheet metal cutters, we are able to cut thick black sheets Up to 15 mm.

The maximum size of sheet metal that we can process is 3000×1500 mm.


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Why is laser sheet metal cutting the best choice?

Today’s technology enables sophisticated methods of metal processing, whether it is cutting, welding or other operations. One of the more modern ways of processing, or cutting metal, is laser metal cutting.

The term laser is an acronym that comes from the English-speaking world and means “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. A laser is nothing more than a light oscillator that enables focusing on a point with a very small diameter, less than 1 mm.

Laser cutting itself is a thermal process of cutting material in which the laser source, or resonator, creates a laser beam that, using a mirror in the cutting head of the machine, is focused on a point of very small diameter.

What are the advantages of laser sheet metal cutting?

Laser metal cutting is a very precise and efficient technology that offers numerous advantages over traditional cutting methods. Some of these benefits include: