See the timeline of key moments and innovations in our company up to the present day. The purpose of this timeline is to show how production has developed over time.

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Growth graph of Metalprofit d.o.o.

January 2013 - Decision on the first investment aimed at production

Making the decision to start manufacturing control unit enclosures was a lengthy and thorough process that included market research, competitive analysis, cost estimation, and risk assessment. After all the relevant facts and data were taken into account, we made the decision to start production and started preparing the production facilities and purchasing the necessary equipment and materials.

April 2014. - Start of production and first deliveries

After the completion of the preparatory work at the production facilities, we started the production of housings for control units on an area of ​​1000 m2. Considering the high quality and competitive price of our products, we successfully made the first deliveries to customers abroad and expanded our market position.

January 2017. – Opening of a new production hall

The opening of the new hall represents a big step in our business. We started production on an area of ​​2,100 m2.

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