In line with our dedication to client satisfaction, we have crafted a diverse range of services to meet the wide array of needs of our highly valued clients.


Project Management and Development

Project Management and Development Your requirements are our guide. Each customer is assigned a Product Line Manager who speaks the customer’s language. In constant…

Laser cutting of sheet metal

Laser cutting of sheet metal On two 4.4 KW CNC laser sheet metal cutters, we are able to cut thick black sheets Up to…
Gotov dizajn MPR (010)

CNC sheet metal bending

CNC sheet metal bending We process and bend sheets up to 3500 mm in length using 4 CNC press brakes. The maximum bending force…

Welding and joining of components

Welding and joining of components We use the welding process to join sheet metal positions at a total of 16 workstations, including two U-cells…


Plasticization The process of powder coating protection consists of several procedural steps: chemical cleaning, drying, powder application, and curing in an oven. Home Production…

Assembly of finished products

Assembly of finished products Our team is capable of efficiently and reliably assembling complex components such as CNC machine enclosures or large control unit…