Welding and joining of components

We use the welding process to join sheet metal positions at a total of 16 workstations, including two U-cells and a project line with 4 workstations.


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How do we perform these services?

One of our key goals is to ensure flawless welds. To achieve this objective, we utilize advanced technologies and high-quality tools, including TIG and MIG/MAG welding machines.

In addition, our technological equipment includes processes such as screw threading and tapping to ensure precise and secure assembly of parts. Our experts are experienced in utilizing these techniques and equipment to ensure the highest possible product quality.

Our production processes at a total of 16 workstations, including two U-cells and a project line with 4 workstations, are carefully planned and optimized to be as efficient and reliable as possible, with a particular emphasis on quality and precision.

What are the advantages?

The service of welding and joining components offers a number of advantages such as high precision and quality of welds, fast production and assembly of complex assemblies and the possibility of making parts of different shapes and sizes. In addition, it enables efficient replacement and repair of parts without the need to replace the entire assembly, which reduces costs and time required for repair.